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Getting Results

You've surplus stock to move. What copy approach will ensure the sales incentive hits home without devaluing or compromising the brand?

High-end property buyers are discerning. What arguments will engage busy clients with £1 million - or even several millions - to spend?

Some see technology as bewildering or irrelevant. How do you connect - and persuade them to find out how communications and IT can be of everyday help?

My copy and thinking has helped clients and agencies achieve their communication objectives in scenarios just like these - and countless others besides.

My secret.

Is no secret: just a love for effective, on-brand work. Inspiration certainly helps, but here's really what makes good things happen:

-An objective, ruthlessly concise brief (I'll gladly write it).
-Empathy with the audience (I'll ask until I understand them).
-A voracious appetite for facts (How often does...?)
-An ability to see the bigger picture (What would it take to...?)
-Tenacity (lots of it).

Tick those boxes and you've found a copywriter you should work with time and again.

These clients and agencies did.

"When you are looking for a copywriter, you hope you'll find someone capable of turning out a well crafted message that creates an impact with your audience. Ian will do that.

You'd also hope that the copywriter would be able to understand complex information, boil it down, layer in some creative and strategic thinking and the ability to manage trade offs (seo vs. readability, depth of content vs. ensuring that the important information cuts through immediately). It's at this point that Ian rises through the competitive clutter, because he ticks all these boxes, when many will struggle to hit a few.

I've worked with Ian collaboratively to crack client briefs - covering Financial Services, Technology and Industrial products. In all instances he's cut through to deliver. He'll work very well with whatever team is on the job or he'll act as a one stop shop able to bring multiple skills to bear from a single source. Ian will do this efficiently, to time and within what's been agreed.

Highly recommended."

Paul Colback, co-founder, Brand Chemistry

"I’ve worked with Ian for the last 7 years developing content, ideas and messaging for European campaigns and he’s never let me down. Despite tight deadlines, unforeseen projects stretching beyond what’s normally possible and the odd loose brief, Ian has been a great partner and someone I value working with. Very quick to understand a creative concept, Ian questions your strategy and pitch until he fully understands the complete story and only then will he start writing. Ian is capable of producing a very broad base of work from consumer to technical B2B copy and I would recommend him highly."

David Turner, Client Director, Digital Marketing & Social Media - Bora Technology Marketing Agency

"I have worked with Ian for around 10 years and across three different companies, which speaks volumes for his ongoing commitment to exceptional delivery. He has a remarkable ability to comprehend a variety of concepts - however technical - and has an unstoppable curiosity for how things work. He will challenge and re-challenge your
brief and perceptions until he can pinpoint the true benefits, the results of which are simple yet vivid communications that sell and persuade."

Nikki Croxford, Marketing Manager, Trend Micro UK Ltd.

"I have worked with Ian for over 15 years. He is 'multilingual', though he writes only in English. For a specialist science and technology agency being multilingual means communicating often complex facts and arguments with sensitivity to wildly varying levels of knowledge and interest. Ian has both the wisdom and the instinct to understand our target audiences and speak their many languages. Head and heart. Touching stuff."

Gareth Zundel, Managing Director, Harvard PR

"Ian has been a virtual part of our communications team for over 5 years, working with us on a variety of brands and projects. Combining sound strategic thinking with creative flair the trait we value most is his ability to convey the true essence of a message quickly and succinctly. Approachable and professional - my first port of call."

Mary Say, Head of Communications, Maritz UK

"When you're managing complex communications in the automotive sector, you need more from a good writer. Ian's creative treatments never forget the commercial goal. I've valued his strategic input and direct, reasoned copy for over nine years. He has translated thinking into words for numerous presentations and supplied fast, high-quality writing support on hundreds of ad-hoc projects. From brochures and mailers through to video scripts and web content, the work delivers."

Chris Westlake, Agency Account Director Mercedes-Benz UK (Weapon 7, Claydon Heeley Jones Mason, Alcone); formerly Agency Account Director (9 years) for Volvo Car UK (Clarke Hooper).

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