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Medical copywriter smarts: why healthcare copywriting shouldn’t fall to product managers.

Settling for ‘functional’ medical copywriting could be costing you sales…

Medical writer or product manager for your copy? As freelance healthcare copywriting is an overhead, it may seem a tricky call. Certainly some communications are distinctly ‘functional’, lending themselves to development in-house. A Patient Information Leaflet, for instance, must focus on practicalities - ensuring users clearly understand the product, the safe-use regime and any side effects or risks. Compliance and regulatory matters will be in sharp focus.

But you’ll also need healthcare marketing collaterals that are more sophisticated and refined. Sales pieces to pharmacists, clinicians or GPs. New product presenters and collaterals. And - typically the most complex and sensitive of all - sales propositions and advertising aimed directly at consumers.

Will pitching a lifestyle-changing procedure or private health insurance plan with pedestrian, functional copy really engage prospects? Will it make them act, enquire and buy?

The answer is no. It won’t.

And, however convenient it may seem at the time, it’s unfair to expect product or account executives to be able to deliver copy that will really do the job.

Your product team may be well-intentioned, but they are not used to framing compelling consumer-facing arguments. If healthcare copy is lacklustre, it will cost you sales. It may even compromise consumer confidence in the brand.

It’s for these messaging journeys, where there’s a need to engage a prospect emotionally and intellectually, that hiring a seasoned medical copywriter comes into its own. Whether it’s me or another freelance medical copywriting professional you engage, outsourcing copy for projects adds value. It will:

- Save your team time (and cost)
- Hone your proposition and messaging
- Expose fresh approaches and opportunities
- Help to validate your strategy and approach independently
- Get you to market faster and on-time
- Safeguard your brand reputation
- Ensure tone-of-voice consistency
- Build on competitive advantage

Give your product managers and account execs a break. To talk to a seasoned business and consumer copywriter with proven healthcare writing experience and a Biological Science degree, simply give me a call.


Copywriting for BD Medical Living With Diabetes Guides: children, adults, seniors & carers

Life is for living.

The next couple of months will seem very different. A diabetes diagnosis means adjusting to new routines. Feeling anxious or worried is only natural. But by taking one day at a time, you'll find one thing soon becomes clear: life is for living.

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Chill. Together we'll sort this.

You're reading this booklet because you need to start injecting insulin. Sure: it's a bit of a pain. But we'll sort this together. Injecting isn't difficult. It's easy to learn. It's quick and non-disruptive to your day.

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To really compete, talk to Mark. He'll get you ahead.

Mark keeps fit daily. He cycles, trains and runs. He's not afraid to break a sweat. As Head of Contract Manufacturing Services at Wockhardt, Mark takes challenges in his stride.

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