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DM copywriting, Mercedes-Benz UK E-Class technologies booklet

E is for Dynamic multicontour seats

On long journeys, encouraging circulation in the back and shoulder muscles can help prevent fatigue. So the multi-contour backrest has a massage function at fingertip control. We admit it. We'll use any opportunity to keep you happy behind the wheel.

Retailer Guide copywriting, Mercedes-Benz UK Showroom Point of Sale launch

This Guide.

The Mercedes-Benz Retail Point of Sale programme is the culmination of more than 3 years' consultation, operational research and creative development. It will enhance your showroom environment and help you achieve successful product launches.

Retailer Guide copywriting, Mercedes-Benz UK Showroom Environment Display recommendations

Section 1: Your new Point of Sale (POS)

This guide outlines the new Mercedes-Benz Retail Environment. It explains what the programme consists of, showing you how to get the most business benefit out of your new POS elements.

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