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Copywriting and editing, pocket guide to the National Autistic Society

Together we can...

Whether we work in an office, schools or specialist centres, our goal - to provide a better life for those affected by autism - is the same. When clients turn to us for help, we do our utmost to provide it. If clients ask our advice, we have their best interests at heart. If they need practical support, we use our knowledge and connections to co-ordinate resources.

Volunteer biographies and project summaries, Vodafone World of Difference Web

2009/10 winners: Hungary

Attila Mester, 31, is committed to bridging the digital divide by working for Somogy Minoritas Association, a foundation providing digital education for disadvantaged people. A teacher, cultural anthropology researcher and sociologist, Attila plans to develop a programme to successfully teach IT to disadvantaged people.

DM Pack copywriting, WRVS 70th Anniversary Thank you to volunteers

Thank you for what you've done - and what you can do.

WRVS is more important today than it's ever been. There's someone who could benefit from our help in every street in the UK...

Web site copywriting, The Karuna Connection

What will make a difference?

You will. By supporting The Karuna Connection, you will be helping to educate people to reduce infection and give those orphaned by AIDS a life with opportunity and hope. Help them celebrate life - one day at a time.