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The Money Thing

Let's be honest. Life's too short to beat about the bush.


If we're both fair, we both win. Experience means I work fast, so given a sensible copy budget, I can usually propose or accommodate a response to suit.

Agency contract rate numbers are based on £400 a day +VAT. For ad hoc projects, call for a quote. We'll talk discounts for bookings of 5 or more days in a month.

For regular, major, long term, nightmare, pitch or otherwise "deserving" commissions, call, tell me more, and we'll go from there. Chocolate Hobnobs may work wonders.

Brand owners & companies.

It's all very painless, I promise. Typically fixed fee per project, including agreed revisions, based on time and involvement required.

I'll be able to give you a ballpark estimate over the phone, followed by a firm quote once I've seen or heard the brief. I guarantee you'll get outstanding value dealing direct. Let's talk.


Only one thing to add: My terms are strictly payment within 30 days. (That's Three-Zero for any Financial Controllers in doubt).

Like you, I'm running a business, not a bank. Sorry.

Together we can...

Whether we work in an office, schools or specialist centres, our goal - to provide a better life for those affected by autism - is the same. When clients turn to us for help, we do our utmost to provide it. If clients ask our advice, we have their best interests at heart. If they need practical support, we use our knowledge and connections to co-ordinate resources.